Dainty Necklace DIY

by - August 29, 2013

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While I love my statement necklaces, my more simple dainty necklaces are my favorite pieces and what I wear more often on a day to day basis. After recently searching for a new gold necklace good for layering,  I came up unsuccessful and decided to make my own necklace instead. The necklace I made only took a few short steps and is the perfect timeless, classic gold necklace I was looking for.

What you’ll need:
5 small gold beads
2 Jump rings
1 clasp
Gold chain
Jewelry pliers


1. Begin by measuring and cutting the chain to your desired length. I chose to make mine 18 inches. Then, using the pliers separate one of the jump rings and thread it through the last chain on one end of the necklace.

2. Using the pliers, close the jump ring, so it is securely attached to the chain.

3. Beginning on the other end of the chain, thread the 5 gold beads onto the chain.

4. Like before, take the last jump ring and separate using the pliers.

5. Thread the jump ring through the chain on the opposite end of where the first jump ring is.

6. Before closing the jump ring, thread your clasp onto the jump ring.

7. Finish by using the pliers to close the gap in the jump ring.

1DSC_1709 copy
The Final Product!

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