Belt Storage

by - August 01, 2013


Belts are a great addition to an outfit. They cinch in your waist, hold up your pants, and add a little something special to an outfit. As my belt collection has grown over the years, I have struggled to find a good way to store them. I could never find a balance between displaying the belts easily and making them easy to access. From using hangers to drawers, I was never satisfied. After my move to NYC, I became more determined to find a better way to store my belts. Finally, I thought a towel rack would work perfectly for storing my belts, but I did not want to deal with all the handiwork. After some research, I came across this kitchen towel holder that uses removable adhesive strips to attach to the wall, and it was exactly what I needed for my belts. After a quick installation, (3 minutes a pop) I was on my way to belt storage bliss.


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