Friday Find: Paperless Post

Friday, May 31, 2013

Paperless Post

I recently volunteered to send out the invitations for a friend’s birthday. To make it easier, I decided to use an email invite rather than dealing with street addresses and postage. When looking for the perfect evite, I came across the site Paperless Post. They had the most beautiful evites, offering many of them free of charge. Each one of them inspired me to want to throw a party. After planning 50 plus hypothetical parties in my head, I remembered I only needed one for my friend’s birthday. (Is it wrong to want to send four different invitations to one party, just because you can’t pick a design? I guess so…) I ended up picking this amazing one! It was so easy to customize and send. Between all the designs and the ease, I can’t wait to plan my next party using these invites!

P.S. If you like the invite so much that the digital form is not enough, they also offer their invitations in paper form

Lemon Cookies

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Lemon flavored sweets and desserts are my weakness. There is just something with the light, refreshing lemon taste that I cannot resist. A family friend gave my mom this cookie recipe years ago, and since then, they have become a favorite cookie of mine. I love the cookies for their crumbly texture and refreshing lemon flavor. They are the perfect cookie to enjoy any time you are looking for something sweet!






Patterned Pants

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

 Top: Jcrew (similar), Pants: Jcrew, Shoes: Charles Philip Shanghai, Purse: Zara, Necklace: Etsy,  Watch: Michele, Bracelets: David Yurman, Jcrew (old), Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Patterns are hot! Stripes, polka dots, florals, you name it! You can't help but notice the abundance of patterns. I really love them all, but when it came to patterned pants, I knew I wanted to stick to more neutral colors. I am not one of those people who can parade around in colorfully patterned pants and not feel self conscious. These pants were the perfect way for me to work the trend into my wardrobe while still feeling comfortable.


Glitter Hooks

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


When my jewelry collection of statement and long strand necklaces expanded to more than I could easily store, I sought out new ways to store the necklaces. 3M hooks were the perfect answer. They required no holes in the wall and required no real handiwork. Over time though I got bored with the plain white hooks, so I looked to see what other designs 3M offered. Unfortunately, none fit my style needs. Rather than give up, I decided to create my own hooks with glitter and glue. The final result required very little effort, but made a huge difference to my d├ęcor.

What you’ll need:
-3M Hooks
-Glue (I used Mod Podge)
-Paint Brush
-Bowl for MixingDSC_0207
1. Mix the glue and glitter together. I used a ratio of 2:1 glue to glitter.
2. Paint the glue/glitter mixture onto the 3M hooks. Allow a couple minutes between coats of the mixture for the hooks to dry some. I did 5 coats to ensure the hooks were completely covered with glitter. Once done, wait at least an hour before hanging.
The final product!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Dress: Jcrew (old), Bracelet: Jcrew (old; similar), Shoes: Jcrew, Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren
Hello! Welcome to Eat Play Dress! I created this blog to showcase my passions, my inspirations, and the things that make me happy. I hope you enjoy and read often.