Kitchen Essentials

by - October 09, 2014

Kitchen essentials
When it comes to your kitchen, there is an endless number of tools and gadgets one can have, so I have round up my top five kitchen essentials. These are all things I use multiple times a week, if not daily.

1. KitchenAid Mixer – I love to bake, so my KitchenAid mixer is a must. Plus, I love all the extra gadgets you can get for it – pasta maker, ice cream maker, etc

2. Kuhn Rikon Knives – I use these knives way more than my chef'’s knife for cutting things and love that they come in so many different colors.

3. Cast Iron Skillet – If you can only have a couple pans for your stovetop, a cast iron skillet must be one of them. You can cook practically anything in it!

4. Microplane – From cheese to fruit, this is the BEST grater. I find myself having to grate/zest something more often than one would think.

5. Vitamix Blender – My Vitamix is my go-to in the morning to make delicious smoothies (see my favorite recipes here and here).

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