Happy 2014!

by - January 01, 2014

new years resolutions
Happy 2014! With each new year, it is a time to reflect on the past one and see where I can make improvements in my life. In years past, I have made drastic goals that were far too difficult to keep and would often leave me forgetting about them before the first week of the year was over. So, when thinking of my resolutions for 2014, I decided to keep it simple. With only three goals, I hope I can really focus on them and stay committed. They are ongoing things, so I hope in time they will no longer feel like goals, but become part of my routine.

1. Reconnect with those I have lost touch with

2. Focus more on the clothes and accessories I have in my closet than those on the racks

3. Be healthy: workout at least twice a week and eat two fruit and three veggies each day

What are your New Year's resolutions?

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