Friday Find: Apps to Help Keep Your Resolutions

by - January 03, 2014

the best is yet to come
Now that 2014 is a couple days old, it is time to make or break it with your resolutions. I mentioned my resolutions for the year here, and while I vowed to keep them simple, they still do require time and effort. I plan to take my resolutions day by day and use some technology to keep me on track. Because I never go anywhere without my phone, phone apps are a great way for me to track resolutions and keep at them. There are lots of apps out there though, so I have been depending on this article to help me narrow down which apps will be most helpful for me. The article offers up lots of great apps for almost any resolution, so I recommend you check it out! Just remember, just because you fail with your resolution one day does not mean you should quit!

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