I Love My Jcrew Necklace

by - December 04, 2013

I love my Jcrew necklace

Earlier in the year, I popped into Jcrew for a quick shopping trip and came across this Jcrew necklace. I picked it up, thought about it, set it down and then did a double take. I just couldn't leave the necklace behind. In the short time in the store, I had already thought of countless outfits the necklace would pair with and was convinced I needed it. And in the time since, I have come to love my Jcrew necklace even more. I have worn it a few times on the blog (here, here, and here), but it does not even compare to the number of times I have actually worn it. I wear it once or twice a week at a minimum and it is often my go-to piece. It is one of those items that has become a must-have in my closet.

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