Funfetti with Chocolate Frosting

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


With being someone who loves to bake, I rarely miss an opportunity to make a birthday cake for a friend. In deciding which kind of cake I should make, I usually have something in mind and then get another friend to slyly find out the birthday friend’s cake preferences. On the most recent occasion of this, I had thought red velvet would be the chosen cake when my friend, less than discreetly, asked the birthday boy a couple questions regarding the matter. The birthday boy quickly picked up on the meaning of the questions and said to tell me he prefers funfetti with chocolate frosting. Being one not to go against a birthday wish and one who loves funfetti cake as well, I made these fantastic cupcakes and topped them with my favorite chocolate frosting recipe. The result could not have been more perfect to celebrate a birthday!







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