Sugar Paper For Target

by - October 08, 2020

Sugar Paper for Target is one of my all time favorite collaborations. My friends know I obsess over this collection every year! I love the aesthetic of the designs and that while collection is technically for the holidays, the gift boxes, gift bags, and wrapping paper for the most part can be used year round because the color combos are so classic. I am especially loving the new blue color they have this year. 

As this years collection has already launched on Target’s website, I thought I would share my favorites now as items often sell out. Also, as I said before many of the items can be used year round, so while you are buying something from a Christmas collection now, you can actually use it now as well. See below for all my favorites from the collection! 

P.S. Sugar Paper also has an office collection at Target. How fabulous are this, this, this and these?!? 

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