My Favorite Cashmere

by - October 06, 2020

Bloomingdale's Cashmere

I love cashmere sweaters and though they are an investment, I find my cashmere sweaters last so much longer than other sweaters in my closet. I have had a number of cashmere sweaters for years and they still look like new. Yes, from time to time I do need to remove pills (this tool works great to do that), but it's so easy. 

Over the years I have tried cashmere from numerous brands and I have found that the Bloomingdale's private label brands produce the BEST quality for the price point. Their cashmere is soft, comes in both basic and fashion/novelty styles, and the quality is similar to cashmere twice the price. The two Bloomingdale's private label brands are C by Bloomingdale's and Aqua Cashmere and right now they are ON SALE with the Bloomingdale's Friends & Family sale. The sale is such a good opportunity to invest in a couple of pieces. I have rounded up some of my favorite pieces above with even more favorites linked below. The sale runs through Sunday, October 12th, so be sure to check it out before it ends! 

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