Friday Finds

by - July 17, 2020

Happy Friday All! Another week down and the days are starting to feel very repetitive. It's beginning to feel like I am living in the movie Ground Hogs Day, so I am hoping to get out and do something different this weekend to break things up. Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend? Let me know below!

Madewell recently released a delicate jewelry line and I am loving the daintier pieces.

I've been looking for a new everyday sunscreen for my face and have narrowed it down to this one or this one.

If you love the royals, you have to pre-order Elizabeth Holmes is new book on royal style.

We've made this salmon recipe a couple times and I love the bright flavors of the tomatoes and cumin.

Julia just launched her new site and I am excited for all her future collaborations. Especially the collaboration she she has with Amanda Lindroth launching today!

I've been following Studio Mcgee for years and am excited to read about their journey to build the Studio Mcgee brand in their new book coming out in October!

Barbados just launched a new program allowing travelers to stay up to one year visa-free. Say hello to your new remote office!

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