Purely Perfect Review

by - April 08, 2015

Purely Perfect Review

I normally do not do reviews on beauty products, but after trying the Purely Perfect cleansing creme for over a month, I thought I would share my experience with the product. Purely Perfect is a cleansing creme for your hair to use in the place of normal shampoo and conditioners and does not strip your hair of your natural oils like a normal shampoo. I have always been intrigued with cleansing cremes like Purely Perfect and even tried Wen in the past. When I started Purely Perfect, I had fine, limp hair that lacked volume and easily became greasy. I had to wash my hair daily otherwise it would look very greasy and dirty. My biggest hope when starting Purely Perfect was to help how quickly my hair became greasy.

During the first two weeks of using Purely Perfect, I washed my hair daily with it, but had to use a dry shampoo afterwards as my hair looked greasy without it. I was surprised though how easy it was for me to detangle my wet hair, as with normal shampoo and conditioner it was always difficult. Additionally, when I did wash my hair I made sure to really scrub at my scalp to help exfoliate it and focus on cleansing my hair closest to my scalp. I did notice that my hair though greasy looking had more texture and was less limp.

As I moved into the next two weeks of using it, I realized that I should also incorporate brushing my hair with a natural bristle brush (I used this one) to help distribute my natural oils. As I started to do this both morning and night, it helped with the greasiness. I did start to notice though that my ends were beginning to look a little dry, so I started putting argan oil on them every couple nights to help. I realized only recently that Purely Perfect does have a product called Smooth Finish that would have helped and I plan on buying soon. During this two week time, I saw improvements with my hair’s greasiness and started having to use less dry shampoo.

My overall impression of Purely Perfect is that it has made my hair better as now I can go longer than a day without it looking extremely greasy, but I don’t think my hair is much shinier or softer than it was before I started. I think if you have thinker hair, you might see a greater overall change as fine hair is hard to add shine to without looking overly greasy. I have continued to use Purely Perfect for my hair and at $40 for a bottle, I used less than half of the bottle over a month, it doesn’t seem more expensive than when I used both a shampoo and conditioner. In using Purely Perfect, I learned a couple things that I think are important to having the best experience with this product:

-It will feel weird because it doesn’t create suds, but really scrub/massage at your scalp when you wash your hair as it really helps to clean the hair.
-Brush your dry hair with a natural bristle brush daily if not both morning and night as this will help distribute your natural oils.
-When you begin, use a dry shampoo (this one is my favorite) to help combat any greasiness. They can usually add extra volume to your hair as well.
-Use something on your ends whether its an oil or the Purely Perfect's Smooth Finish to help keep them from drying out.
-Finally, you need to give Purely Perfect some time to start working with your hair. If you plan to start using it, give it a month before deciding if you like the product as it takes some time for your hair to adjust.

I would love to hear other people’s opinions of Purely Perfect, so if you have tried it, I would love to hear your thoughts below. Also, if you have any additional questions let me know!

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