Holiday Party

by - December 10, 2014

Holiday Party 2

This past weekend my boyfriend and I hosted a holiday party with ugly sweaters and all for our friends. Since I love to decorate and bake, I was put in charge of the decor and treats. To decorate for the party, I ended up chosing a lot of items from the Target Oh Joy! collection. The entire collection is cute and affordable. Plus, it made it really easy to decorate for the party. My favorite piece had to be this garland. You can find all the items from the Oh Joy! collection here and I really recommend checking out Target for decorations for any party as they have lots of great stuff!

When it came to treats, I chose to do a variety of sweets. I made two different kinds of cookies – Swedish Kisses and Sugar Cookies. For the sugar cookies, I cut them in festive shapes and decorated them accordingly. Additionally, I made Scotcheroos – an easy favorite of mine that is like a rice krispie bar with peanut butter and chocolate. I had planned to make popcorn as well, but ran out of time at the end, so I just bought some premade kettle corn from the store. Finally, we also included Candy Canes and Almond Roca to finish off the treats. When planning sweets for the party, I made sure to include a variety of items - chocolate and non-chocolate - to make sure I had something for everybody.

For drinks, we had a variety of options including an Apple Cider Cinnamon Punch we made. I plan to share this drink later on so be sure to check back for it.

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