Embellished Sandals

by - May 20, 2014


There are lots of fun embellished sandals this season (these, these, and these to name a few), and I love the idea of a simple casual sandal all dressed up with embellishments. I decided to make a pair of my own using a slip on pair of sandals and some embellishments I picked up at M&J Trimming. Using just a little glue and some creativity, I made this pair and am already planning all the outfits I will wear them with (and contemplating making them in another color).

What you’ll need:
-A pair of sandals, mine are from Joe Fresh, but these or these would work well
-E6000 Glue
-2 yards embellished trim (1 yard of each trim, if you plan to use two different ones or just a yard), mine can be found here and here
-Scissors (not pictured)
-Clamp paper clips (not pictured)


Begin by cutting the trim to the length of the straps of the sandals. I cut mine a little longer than the length and then cut off any extra trim at the end.

Starting on one sandal strap, apply a strip of glue across the strap where you plan to attach your trim.

After applying the glue, lay the trim across and press to hold in place.

Using clamp paper clips, place them along the trim while the glue sets to hold in place, around 5-10 minutes. Repeat the process for each of the straps on the sandals.

Once the glue has set, trim any of the excess trim using a scissors.

The final product!

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