Friday Find: Uber

by - October 04, 2013

Being from New York, I am used to hailing a taxi to bring me from place to place. This week in San Francisco though, has reminded me that other cities are not like New York and it can be much harder to find a taxi. This is where Uber comes in to solve the problem. Uber is an app for your smartphone that allows you to call for a car to come pick you up at your current location. Once you request to be picked up, an Uber driver who is close by is notified and comes pick you up in a matter of minutes. The whole thing is super easy and in no time you will be at your destination. Uber is only available in some major cities across the world, so if you live in one of these cities I highly recommend you check them out. For those who don’t, Uber is constantly expanding so they just might be coming to your city soon. To find out more information about Uber, click here.

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