DIY: Embellished Chambray

by - September 17, 2013


After falling in love with this chambray from Jcrew, I challenged myself to make my own that was a little more friendly on my bank account. I ended up making this embellished shirt with great results.  And, while it did take some time, the result was well worth it. Plus, you can easily follow the same steps to embellish a sweatshirt or t-shirt instead.

What you'll need:
-Chambray shirt (I got mine here)
-Medium sized gray metallic seed beads (like these)
-Grey metallic mother of pearl buttons
one 1

1. Beginning in the top left hand photo, measure out 2 feet of thread and count out 7 of the beads. Take one of the beads and thread it onto the thread. Once in the middle of the thread, thread the two ends of the thread through the eye of the needle.

2.Thread 5 of the 6 beads left onto the thread and bring them next to the first bead. Take the needle and loop it through the bead on the end (the first bead you added to the thread). Pull the thread tight to create a loop of beads. These beads will become the petals of the flower.

3.Thread the 7th bead onto the thread. Then, cross the thread with the newly added bead across the diameter of the flower petals, to place the new bead at the center of the flower. To secure the bead at the center of the flower, thread the needle through the beads that make up the petals of the flower. Leave the thread tail as this will be used to attach the flower to the shirt. Repeat steps 1-3 for the number of flowers you would like on your shirt. I ended up using 20 flowers on my shirt.

4. Once done with all the flowers, lay out your chambray and determine the placing of each of the flowers.

5. Going flower by flower, thread the needle with the tail of thread from each flower and attach the flower to the shirt, being sure to attach each individual bead to the shirt. Once done, on the back side of the chambray, secure your stitches by knotting the two threads together. Repeat this step for each flower.

6. Using a scissors, cut off the extra thread left from each flower.

7. Remove the buttons on shirt using a scissors.

8. Layout the buttons on the shirt and thread the needle with 15 inches of thread. Knot the end of the thread.

9. Attach each of the buttons of the shirt. Once secure, knot the two threads together and cut the extra thread.

The Final Product!

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