DIY: Gold Dipped Cotton Ball Jar

by - July 16, 2013


My sister recently moved to the city and in helping her decorate her apartment, I made this gold dipped cotton ball jar. I love the combination of the gold and glass and the pop of white from the fluffy cotton balls adds the perfect contrast. It only took a few steps to achieve and leaves a lasting impression.

What you'll need:
-Cotton ball jar (I got mine at Macy’s here)
-Martha Stewart’s glass paint
-Painter’s tape
-Foam paint brush

1. Using the painter’s tape, tape off the area you would like to paint.

7-15-2013 8-45-25 PM
2. Using the foam paint brush and paint, begin painting the jar. Between each coat, let the paint dry for 10 minutes. Keep adding coats until you get the desired coverage. I used 4-5 coats.

3. Once done painting, remove painter’s tape and let air dry.

The final product!

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  1. how pretty, what a fun idea! i'm moving soon and this would be perfect for my new bathroom!

    ps - check out my awesome Jack Rogers giveaway!