Cashmere Sweaters

by - January 19, 2021

Over the years, I have really come to invest in the sweaters I buy. Rather than buying trendy sweaters made of synthetic materials that only last a season at best, I focus on buying quality cashmere sweaters that will last for years and years. With this in mind, I am more intentional on the sweaters I buy and also make sure they are pieces I know I will like for a long time. It's all about quality over quantity. 

One of my favorite places to shop for cashmere is the Bloomingdale's private label cashmere brands - C By Bloomingdale's and Aqua Cashmere. Both lines offer both basic and novelty cashmere and the quality is amazing! Right now is a great time to shop their selection as so many pieces are over 50% off! I have rounded up some of my favorites below! 

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