Friday Find: Pineapple Fantasy

by - June 28, 2013


Recently while looking online, I noticed a number of items with pineapples. At first, I just thought it was cute, but as I came across more and more things, I really started to love all the things with pineapple on them. From glasses, to a swimsuit, to a cheese board, I could not get enough of the pineapple motif. The  pineapple adds this retro feel that you just can’t help but love. So join me and welcome some pineapples into your life.

P.S. Did you know that pineapples are the symbol for hospitality and mean welcome?

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  1. Love the glass and bikini!

  2. I just bought a pineapple skirt from J.Crew! It's such a happy and fun print.

    Brooke du jour

  3. Oh my goodness the bikini is precious! I used to own a pineapple smelling perfume.. it was heaven!

    Xo, Michelle